On Thursday, Ukraine’s parliament supported the law #5157 ‘On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine  that Introduce Reform of Prosecution Bodies”.

The law that won support of 253 MPs  finalizes reforms of  prosecutor’s office and launches a new state agency authorized to  bring disciplinary action against prosecutors and Prosecutors’ Council.


According to the law updates,

(a) attestation is made unconditional requirements for those seeking posts in offices of regional, district, and Prosecutor General offices,

(b) transitional procedures are used for prosecutors’ recruitment and disciplinary action until the new regulation made effective on September 1, 2021,

(c) Offices of Prosecutor General, regional prosecutor, and district prosecutor  have permanent hiring committees that organize attestation for prosecution on a continuous basis with the terms and timeframe set by the Prosecutor General.

The Parliament failed to approve  #5158 policy seeking update of prosecutors’ recruitment and training; the document was sent back for further development.