The enemy has showed his true face and now knows he will be held accountable for his crime, said Oleksiy Reznkov, addressing Ukrainian servicemen on Tuesday amid  the news of Russia’s formal recognition of the two breakaway regions in Donbas and deployment of its troops to the area.

According to Reznikov, Ukraine and its army stand in the way of Russia attempts to ‘revive the USSR’, and   Ukraine and its army.

He lauded courage and professionalism of the Ukrainian military who have had to deal with ‘vile’ war brought into Ukraine by the aggressor.

‘Nothing has changed’ for Ukraine and the only choice for Ukrainians is to stand up to the challenge to defend homelands and families.

‘Ahead are tough challenges. There will be losses. We will have to go through pain and overcome fear and lost hearts.’

The situation will also make it clear for us who supports Ukraine in earnest, stressed Reznikov, arguing the defense leadership is set to bolster the country’s defense and receive ‘maximum’ support from its allies.

He also sounded a note of caution, saying there can be attempts to force Ukraine to take some ‘chaotic’ decision, and this is what the government will not let it happen.

‘Keep calm and close the ranks’, added Reznikov.