With Covid-19 cases re-surging in most of the regions, Ukrainian government goes back to tougher lockdown rules and introduces vaccine mandates.

Starting September 20, educational institutions are required to provide for at least 80%  full vaccination of stuff to go on with in-person learning. The policy will accept both domestic or international certificates verifying the vaccination status.

Once ‘red zone’ restrictions are put in place, schools will operate if their stuff is 100% vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from Covid-19.

Yellow and red zones

Yellow zone policy reintroduces social distancing protocols for gyms and public events while cinemas and theatres limiting their occupancy to 50% rate.

Moving to ‘red zone’ will put a ban on operations of cafes, restaurants, shopping venues, and schools allowing only essential services like gas stations, drugstores, banks, post office and vet clinics.

Vaccine certificates

The government has introduced a color-coded Covid-19 document  will include vaccination status, records of  recovery from Covid-19 or negative test taken no earlier than 72 hours prior.

Yellow certificate will record the proof of one-dose vaccination, while green one will verify full vaccination.

Certificates come with a perk

Yellow and red zone social distancing protocols will allow exemptions for  businesses such as cinemas, gyms, theatres and swimming pools  if all visitors and at least 80% of staff at the venues are at least partially vaccinated.


Last week, Ukraine’s health minister Viktor Lyashko informed 4 regions were edging closer to ‘red zone’ due to a spike in infection rates.