20 Sep, 2021 07:59
Ukraine brings in  tighter quarantine regulations

Made effective Monday, the quarantine update sees introduction of Covid-19 color-coded documents and exemptions for the vaccinated people

28 Jul, 2021 14:03
Tighter border controls and full self-quarantine. Ukrainian PM announces new curbs  

With Delta cases surging worldwide, Ukrainian government moves to tighten entry  rules control and self-quarantine policies amid fears of surging Delta variant infections.

16 Jun, 2021 18:47
Ukraine’s government eases Covid restrictions, updates quarantine zoning system

The Ukrainian government extends the adaptive quarantine till September and moves all the regions to ‘green zone’ of quarantine easing the restrictions

13 May, 2021 10:58
All Ukrainian regions moved to the ‘yellow’ zone,  Health Ministry update

Under the latest update to the Ukraine’ color-coded quarantine policies, all the regions moved to the ‘yellow’ zone of looser Covid-19 restrictions, said the Health Ministry. May 1 ...