Kyiv reports a new spike in hostilities in Donbas on Friday as defense minister points to ‘anomalistic’ events at the frontlines in Donbas.


Oleksiy Reznikov urged the Ukrainian military not to give Russia ‘pretexts’ for escalation.


According to JFO statement issued on Friday, the separatists intensified ‘provocative’ firings – 60 ceasefire violations were reported as of February 17 alone that left 3 Ukrainian servicemen wounded.

What alarms is that shellinga are again targeting Ukrainian civilians, said Reznikov.

The minister also stated it is a common ploy for Mosow to fuel hostilities that routinely come ahead of some Minsk TCG talks, UN Assembly sessions to harp on it shifting blame to Kyiv.

‘Now the world will know who ruins peace in Donbas’, said Reznikov reinstating Ukrainian military don’t return fire despite provocations.

With ongoing cyber attacks, firings in Donbas, cell network disruptions, and brazen flights of its military jets, Russia sets up traps for Kyiv that will allow the Kremlin to use ‘Georgian scenario’ in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Ukraine has to step up its defenses yet it is still committed to diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict in Donbas.


Reznikov also said he had talks with his Belarus counterpart Viktor Khrenin to dispel speculations over Ukraine’s military preparations targeting Belarus.

‘Belarus is a special country for us. The people of Belarus are very close to us. There can be no aggression of Ukraine against the people of Belarus in principle’, he stressed.