According to the MP’s statement on ‘Priamyi’ TV channel, gas reserves in storage facilities are insufficient for the heating season.

In addition, part of the available gas will be given to the enterprises of oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, Siumar claims.

‘The situation is really awful. This winter  can be very cold. It can be very cold in Ukrainians’ homes. Coal reserves are 4 times less than needed. We have 18 billion cubic meters of gas in storage, but 4 billion meters are technical gas that cannot be pumped out. It turns out that Ihor Kolomoisky claims 9 billion cubic meters. And tomorrow in court, Ukraine’s gas operator must answer honestly to Ukrainians how much gas it will give to Kolomoisky and how much will remain for Ukrainians. Kolomoisky has made claims and will sue for 9 billion cubic meters of gas. This means that we will have 4 billion left for the needs of the country’, The MP argues.

Siumar says that the current situation could lead to the forced cooperation with the Kremlin in the energy sector, despite the ongoing war in Donbas.

The MP stressed that since 2014, Russia has relied not only on military force, but also on energy blackmail of Ukraine, whose economy was weakened by the occupation of Donbas and Crimea.