The move sees extension of quarantine system restrictions  for summer and keeps in place directive for wearing masks on public transport and in public indoors settings, reported  Health Ministry in an announcement on Tuesday.

With Ukraine moving to ‘green zone’, the government loosened restrictions for public gatherings and entry rules for travelers.

Capacity and distancing limits  are now lifted for public gatherings and events.

Cafes, night clubs, movie theaters, recreational centers and public events are allowed under the condition masks are worn [by attendees] and personnel is provided with personal protective equipment, stressed the health officials.

The updated policy allows to skip on mask directive if all participants and attendees have proof of vaccination or negative tests.

The government also updated rules for entry of the country.

Ukrainians and foreigners with a permanent residency status are no longer demanded to provide negative tests and self-quarantine on coming to  Ukraine. For a period of looser ‘green zone’ rules, Ukrainians will not need to use ‘Diya’ app on return to the country.

Foreigners who have no permanent residency status will still need a Covid insurance, negative test or documented proof of vaccination.

The government also brought updates to Covid quarantine mapping with ‘green’ and ‘yellow’ zones now set to be introduced simultaneously across the whole country  while ‘red’ and ‘orange’ zones will be adapted separately for different regions with view to dynamics of regional infection rates.