The new demographics forecast has painted a grim picture for Ukraine-2100.  Projections show that the country will experience a disastrous demographic crisis given the current gender ratio dynamics, adverse economic issues and effects of the Covid pandemic.

Under the scenario from National Academy of Sciences, the Ukrainian population will decrease to 22 million compared to some 37 million people the country is estimated to have now.

Report co-author Oleksandr Gladun argues  ageing population also factors in as Ukraine has  ‘higher mortality rates that Europe and lower fertility rates’, adding the governmental policies should work toward balance in getting higher life expectancy and economic abilities of the country.

Economic issues drive fertility rate down because families can’t afford to have two and more children due to their low wages, poor living conditions and undeveloped social infrastructure.

With Ukrainian males having higher life expectancies than females, the gender ratio is another headache.

‘Decline in Ukrainian population has been impacted by the pandemic. We are now half way into the process, but figures show that the pandemic is contributing to death rates with Covid-19 coming in the top three preceded by heart deceases and cancer’.

The report sees no effective remedies for the dire situation noting the situation can be fixed by bringing in migrants from Asia and former Soviet Union republics.