Ukraine’s defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov announced that civilians will be able to hold positions that do not require military competence.

‘Military personnel will be retained only where they are really needed, where military competences are needed. We need a systemic decision – the adoption of a law that will complete the division of powers and establish a clear management vertical. The project is ready and will soon be proposed to the Verkhovna Rada’, the minister stated.

Reznikov also added that the model he wants to introduce corresponds to the NATO standards and can work effectively combining civilian and military competences.

Reznikov noted the proposed model has a clear division of functions and responsibilities.

It is also planned to introduce a new management concept within the defense ministry, which will consist of three components:

  1. Clear division of policy makers and implementers;
  2. Human resources management will be singled out as a separate branch;
  3. Establishment of 5 committees to implement management practices with the involvement of specialists needed to solve certain tasks.