Ukrainian officials and ‘Servant of the People’ MPs keep complaining media in the west ‘dramatizes’ situation in Donbas and uses ‘disinformation’ over possible Russia’s aggression amid American and European warnings and intelligence reports.

Back in November, 2021, when first reports of growing Moscow presence at Ukraine’s borders emerged in media, security council leader Oleksiy Danylov called it ‘conscious disinformation’ and pushed back against US intelligence reports that, he claimed, were not ‘in line with reality’.

‘There is a conscious misinformation of the whole society. Let us put it this way – what they write there does not correspond to reality. We observe all processes. This is misinformation, and we do not understand why they are doing it… What will happen tomorrow, we do not know, today there is no such concentration’, Danylov said at the time.

Russia’s military presence at our borders hasn’t changed for two months, and US officials had better compared the satellite images they have earlier to the current one to see there is virtually no difference, said Danylov

‘Let them show the photos that were there a month ago, two weeks ago – you will see the same photos.’

Coverage of Ukraine’s crisis by western media also drew ire from senior ‘Servant of the People’ MP David Arakhamia, who piled in with allegations that Ukraine’s economy is on the edge as mounting media ‘hysteria’ in the west costs Kyiv $2-3 billion dollars every month.

‘It is necessary to analyze how the leading media began to disseminate fakes in CNN, Bloomberg and WSJ… We need to study all this, because they are elements of a hybrid war’, Arahamia said.

Iryna Vereshchuk who is the minister of occupied territories  reintegration, took a shot at New York Times arguing its Moscow office report ‘lied’ misquoting her comments on possibility of a referendum over Minsk agreements that could see Donbas separatists getting some autonomy.

‘Among other things, the authors of the material refer to my words said the day before on one of the TV channels. On the air, I spoke about the hypothetical possibility of a referendum on the Minsk agreements, and they wrote as if I were talking about a referendum on joining NATO. That is, the content is completely different. This is either blatant unprofessionalism or deliberate manipulation’, Vereshchuk stated.

Kyiv contradictory and half-hearted response to ‘perils’ the country faces did not go unnoticed in Washington.

The US national security advisor Jake Sullivan said on Thursday Moscow can invade Ukraine ‘any day now’,  while US Secretary of state Antony Blinken warned in his UN Assembly speech the same day  the US goverment sees ‘moment of peril’ for the world as Russia keeps rattling sabres near Ukraine’s borders.