military threat

18 Feb, 2022 20:55
Chornobyl zone closes for tourists

The Chornobyl exclusion zone will be closed for tourists starting February 19.

17 Feb, 2022 23:50
‘Disinformation’ and ‘lies’: Ukrainian officials decry western media coverage of Russia’s military threat

'Bukvy' looked back at the history of such claims that definitely raised eyebrows in Washington and Brussels.

14 Feb, 2022 21:27
Zelensky declares Day of Unity, walks back from ‘invasion’ talk

As fears rising over possible Russia’s attack and many reports pinning coming Wednesday as an invasion date, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky used his video address to the nation on Monday to offer a pep talk and call for ‘unity’ in the face of threats.

14 Feb, 2022 13:57
‘European Solidarity’ party reacts to Prystaiko’s statements

Ukrainian diplomat remarks over possible backtracking of Kyiv on NATO membership drew swift blowback from ‘European Solidarity’ leaders.

14 Feb, 2022 09:14
Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK admits Kyiv may shelve its bid for NATO membership

In an interview for BBC Radio 5, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK Vadym Prystaiko admitted Kyiv can be ‘flexible’ on Ukraine’s ‘ambitions’ to join NATO in the light of unraveling situation on its borders.

14 Feb, 2022 08:55
Ukraine’s security service joins calls for calm amid heightened fears of Russia’s invasion

The SBU issued a statement urging Ukrainians to ‘keep a cool head’ and not to fall for provocations seeking to unravel the situation in Ukraine ‘playing into hands of enemies’.

12 Jun, 2021 08:23
Russia’s troops at the border are still a threat , Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba

Dmytro Kuleba reveals what can help Russia get its relations with Ukraine back on track.