In yet another breach of law, the Ukrainian president ‘forgets’ to declare government bonds he bought and sold in 2019.

By failing to do so, Volodymyr Zelensky disregarded the norms of ‘On Corruption prevention’ law that makes it mandatory for state officials to declare purchases of assets worth over 50 living wages.

Under art.3 of the law, a person should list such asset in his or her declaration and the president is not exempt from such requirement.

Volodymyr Zelensky ignored the requirement and didn’t bother to come up with any explanations on the matter and that is an administrative offence under art.172-6 of Ukraine’s Code of Administrative Offences.

The case was taken to Kyiv Pechersky Court that eventually dismissed it arguing the president is immune from prosecution under art.105 of Ukraine’s Constitution.


The Kyiv court verdict came in line with the landmark ruling issued by  Ukraine’s Constitutional Court in 2003 that  said presidential immunity shall remain effective for the time of presidency giving him or her exemption from any criminal proceedings.

It is worth noting the judgement doesn’t rule out though the president can be held to acount for administrative offences under art.44-3 of  Administrative Offences’ Code  meaning the Constitutional Court could review and update its earlier stance on the matter under  art.92-2 of the law ‘On Constitutional Court of Ukraine’.

Ukraine’s Supreme Court approached Constitutional Court for further judgment on art.105 of Constitution in 2020 , but the case soon stalled.