What the US has been doing of late is ‘scare mongering and fueling panic’ over possible invasion of  Russia into Ukraine, said Servant of the People senior MP David Arakhamia.

In his comments fro LBTV, the lawmaker assumed US officials are probably taking it a bit too far with talk on  Russia’s invasion is a sure thing.

I don’t know the reasons why the US are doing so, yet it is clearly is not what Ukraine’s economy can benefit from, said Arakhamia, arguing that most people in Ukraine have already been told  ‘three-four-five dates’ [of Russia’s invasion and with nothing happening] they understood it is fear mongering.

‘Today Mariupol mayor, and it is near [Donbas] says there is no any threat. And then someone goes and says that something will happen in Mariupol tomorrow. It is not right.’

Servant of the People MP argues that foreign  minister Kuleba has tried to raise this issue  on numerous occasions as ‘it is not what friends do to you’.

By contrast, last spring’ situation was more explosive since Ukraine’s intelligence raised its flag over  growing hostilities, said the lawmaker.

Back then, Ukraine got more ‘signals’, added Arakhamia, noting intelligence reports  made things look really ‘grave’ as they were coming through ‘closed communications channels’.

He assumed this time it is different as military intelligence gets revealed by the New York Times or CNN pre-empting any sort of military intelligence reporting, making the later look like some public information.