The new poll conducted by Rasumkov center shows approval for the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is at its lowest level since his sweeping victory in 2019 presidential elections, which is an alarming sign for the former ‘95 Kvatral] comedian-turned-politician who reportedly ponders the idea of re-election.

Should the new presidential  elections be held tomorrow, only each fifth voter (18.7%)  would go to Zelensky as their first round choice. The new poll figures re-ignates the political rivalry  between Zelensky and the former Ukrainian president  Petro Poroshenko whose support would now stand at 12,7% of votes.

‘Opposition Platform for Life’ Yuriy Boyko, ousted parliament speaker Dmytro Razumkov and former prime minister Yuliya Timoshenko could claims a relatively modest share of support  in one-digit numbers – 6,2%, 5,5%, and 5% respectively.

According to the poll data, Volodymyr Zelensky has also topped the list of the least supported politicians as almost a third of respondents (31,9%) said ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to voting for him another time. Another third of those polled (31,6%) said they would not vote for Petro Poroshenko while a quarter of decided votes (24,7%) turned their backs on Viktor Medvedcuk.

Flagging support for the Ukrainian president can translate into a close race in the second round of a next presidential stand-off.

The poll showed that if  Zelensky and Poroshenko were pitted against each other tomorrow, the Ukrainian president  would get 55,6% of votes while his political rival would boast 44,4% support. Such polling scenario narrows the gap between the two archrivals compared to their 2019 presidential stand-off when Zelensky boasted a sweeping victory with 72,33% of votes.

The October 24-27 polling reached out 1,200 respondents across Ukraine.

The earlier Cctober poll conducted by Kyiv International Sociology Institute also indicated  deterioration in president’s support numbers and arrival of a new hypothetical nominee in the next presidential race.