4 May, 2022 10:42
Dramatic drop in nostalgia for Soviet Union among Ukrainians- new poll findings

Back in the USSR? Thanks, but no.  A new poll by Rating group found that the number of Ukrainians pining for the Soviet Union times has hit the new, record, low as only 11% of resp ...

21 Feb, 2022 13:58
In a potential 2024 match, Zelensky is just 2 points ahead of Poroshenko, poll findings

New poll points to Poroshenko closing the gap on Zelensky as scandals keep plaguing the president's party.

21 Feb, 2022 13:12
European Solidarity strengthens lead in polls

The oppostion party is exending its lead in opinion polls, and now is clear 7 points ahead of Servant of the People.

24 Jan, 2022 10:29
Poroshenko drawing level with Zelensky in polls

Zelensky’s prospects of re-election are getting dimmer as his main political rival is gaining ground with voters.

24 Jan, 2022 09:38
European solidarity takes lead in polls, Servant of the People stumbles

The main opposition party is on a solid 5-points lead for the first time since the defeat in 2019 parliamentary elections.

29 Dec, 2021 12:29
Voters would pick Poroshenko over Zelensky if elections were held today, latest poll findings

The figures  promise a close race with the opposition leader edging ahead among decided voters.

17 Dec, 2021 12:29
One in three Ukrainians are ready to take up arms against Russian military threat

The majority of Ukrainians (50.2%) said they would resist agression some way or other.