A new December poll from Razumkov Tzentr and Demokratychni Initsiatyvy found that former president would beat the current Ukrainian leader in a hypothetical rematch.

The respondents were asked who of these two they would vote for in a second stage of the presidential elections.

Overall, the poll results mark a virtual tie between two politicians with Petro Poroshenko edging a bit ahead with 50,1% while Zelensky’s support among decided voters  now stands at 49.9%.

The current president whose ratings took a hit after Pandora papers scandal is still leading in a general voters’ count (23.2%) while his rival from ‘European Solidarity’ enjoys bigger support from decided voters (39,2%).

Zelensky sees his support steadily waning – it is 5 points down compared to November poll findings.

The poll also showed some uptick in support for the ousted parliament speaker Dmytro Razumkov- his support has grown by 1,5 points – from 5,5% to 7%.

If Zelensky faced his former ally Razumkov in presidential elections, the later would beat the current president by 13 points – 56.4% and 43.6% respectively.

What causes a grieve concern for politicians is the fact that almost 2 in 5 voters (38,5%) said they would be no-show at voting stations next time.