Wagnergate scandal: state media regulator to look into claims ‘Prymyi’ TV channel disclosed confidential  information


National Television and Radio broadcasting  council said on Wednesday it was investigating the state security ‘incident’ after ‘Prymy’ TV channel allegedly disclosed classified  information on Ukraine’s  botched intelligence plot that aimed to lure Russian mercenaries to Ukraine. The plot known as Wagnergate drew intense media attention in Ukraine and abroad.

The documents featured  in one of  ‘Prymyi’ TV shows caught the eye of state regulator advisor Maksym Onoprienko who raised a flag over their classified information’ status and late refered the issue to the state intelligence agency on concerns of possible information leak.

In a statement on Wednesday, the regulator said several TV shows made public the correspondence of then chief of military intelligence agency Vasyl Burba and the report on Wagner mercenaries capture plan by defense ministry senior Yuriy Semenyuk, which  allegedly ‘prove Ukraine’s planning of special operation ‘Avenue’ set to capture Wagner group mercenaries’.

Among other TV channels facing the investigation are ‘Espreso’, ‘4kanal’, ‘Ukraina’, ‘5kanal’, and ‘Ukraina24’.