He called the situation a ‘difficult moment’ for the country faced its grave ‘domestic and foreign’ challenges and urged people to keep self-control and responsibility.

Ukraine is threatened and intimidated on ‘many fronts’, argued Zelensky, stressing ‘Ukraine stands strong as never before’.

He pledged that Ukraine continues its efforts to recover the territories lost to aggression. He continued, ‘The relevant decree has already been signed. On this day, we will hoist national flags, put on blue and yellow ribbons and show the world our unity.

‘We have one great European aspiration – we want freedom and are ready to fight for it. Fourteen thousand defenders and civilians killed in this war [against Russian-backed separatists in the Donbas region] are watching us from the sky. And we will not betray their memory’.

He stressed, ‘We want peace and are trying to resolve the issue only through diplomacy. Donbas and Crimea will go back to Ukraine only through diplomatic efforts’.

‘We understand all the risks. We are constantly following on the situation, working out different scenarios to be ready to give a decent response to all the possible aggressive acts.’

Zelensky reassured that country has wide backing from international leaders many of whom visited Ukraine in recent days. He also took a shot at Ukrainian oligarchs many of whom allegedly left the country amid invasion speculations.

‘Let people see who takes Ukraine as their Motherland, and who sees it a platform for making money’.

Domestic media must work for Ukraine and not for their owners, noted the president, urging the former to go back to Kyiv to ‘endure this challenge decently’.

The Ukrainian president also announced he signed a decree that declares February 14 ‘Unity Day’ that will encourage the country’s armed forces they have full support and unity behind.’

‘We are told that February 16 will be the day of the attack. We will make it the Day of Unity’, Zelensky said.