The ‘Servant of the People’ party faces mounting criticism after an ‘Ukrainska pravda’ released the footage showing its MP Trukhin offering traffic cops a bribe after he caused a car accident.

In his Facebook statement, Petro Poroshenko accused president Zelensky of ‘covering up’ corrupt officials

Trukhin case is not one-off incident, said European Solidarity leader , putting the blame on Servant of the People leadership that brought such ‘nobodies’ to power and is now giving their acts a pass.

Petro Poroshenko wryly noted, ‘they called it a social lift’.

‘The investigation of the accident involving MP Trukhin showed a complete degradation of power. Only Zelensky’s personal involvment could provide such deep coordination of law enforcement agencies in covering Trukhin’s case all these months’, Poroshenko claimed.

European Solidarity leader said the Verkhovna Rada should call an urgent meeting to hear reports of law enforcement chiefs on the scandal and demanded Volodymyr Zelensky, who has acted as Trukhin’s ‘guardian angel’ be present at such meeting.

‘Zelensky bears responsibility for inaction of the interior minister who was his nominee. Zelensky bears responsibility for inaction of the State Bureau of Investigations. He systematically covers the crimes of his team, because he is their accomplice’, Petro Poroshenko concluded.