In his interview with Glavkom, Vasile Nastase, Moldova’s MP heading the parliamentary commission on Chaus kidnapping, revealed the details of the recent call between Andriy Yermak, Zelensky’s chief of stuff, and his Moldova’s counterpart Adriy Spine.

“We know that there was this call [..] and they agreed that some Ukrainian delegation would come to Moldova Republic to discuss those events. We don’t know if this delegation has already come or not,” said Nastase.

According to his sources, the call between the top officials  happened on April 23.

Vasile Nastase also voiced his concern over slow reaction of the Ukrainian officials to the situation.

“We forwarded the letter to the Verkhovna Rada and asked several questions to find out what they knew about this case. So far, we haven’t got any information whether Ukraine opened a probe into Chaus abduction or not. Some sources claim it did, others say that it didn’t,” said the Moldova’s MP.