The Ukrainian president sparked criticism when he snubbed the mask requirement, established by his own government,  joining his top aide Andriy Yermak, chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko and local government officials for coffee in a Khmelnytski café.

Going into a damage control mode, Viktor Lyashko argued the president just ‘checked on how quarantine policies are observed’.

Although violations of quarantine protocols are  an administrative offence in Ukraine,  Zelensky got away with it thanks to presidential immunity he enjoys under art.105 of Ukraine’s Constitution.

The case brought against the president in Khmelnytski stalled in Constitutional Court after ping-pong’ in Supreme Court.


The ruling on accountability of the Ukrainian president issued by Constitutional Court in 2003  said presidential immunity shall remain effective for the time of presidency providing exemption from any criminal prosecution.

It doesn’t rule out though the president may be held to acount for administrative offences under art.44-3 of  Administrative Offences’ Code  meaning the Constitutional Court could review its earlier stance on the matter under  art.92-2 of the law ‘On Constitutional Court of Ukraine’.