2 Nov, 2021 11:59
Ukraine’s economy is deteriorating due to government incompetence, new survey findings

A new survey by Razumkov Centre revealed 39,1% of Ukrainians blame incompetence of the government for economic woes of the country. A third of respondents (35,4%) said the economy ...

8 Jun, 2021 11:37
‘Servant of the People’ and ‘European Solidarity’ keep support figures, new survey

At the beginning of June, the gap between the political parties ‘Servant of the People’ and ‘European Solidarity’ is within the survey’s margin of error.

5 May, 2021 15:28
‘Servant of the People’ lead is narrowing, ‘European Solidarity’ trailing 4% behind, poll figures

With “Servant of the People” support fading, “European Solidarity’ narrows the gap to 4 points, the latest KIIS survey.