A new survey by Razumkov Centre revealed 39,1% of Ukrainians blame incompetence of the government for economic woes of the country.

A third of respondents (35,4%) said the economy failures stem from corruption, while one in ten Ukrainians cited war in eastern Ukraine and the pandemic as possible culprits behind the problem.

As 7,5% of Ukrainians voiced optimism  arguing the are doing better, the majority (55,9%) of people said their financial situations have worsened over last 2 years.

The survey is part of bigger research by Razumkov Center studying current moods of Ukrainian voters.

Among other things, it looked at how economic factors are impacting ratings of Ukrainian political parties.

Survey figures show govermental failings are taking a bite out of ‘Servant of the People’ party ratings.  The ruling party has lost 5 points  in voters’ support  – going from 25,8% in September to the less impressive  20,4%.  The survey marked an uptick for support of ‘European Solidarity’ that now stands at 15,8% .

Opposition Platform for Life and Batkivshchyna are favored by 12% and 10,9% respectively.