The latest survey by  Kyiv International Institute of Sociology sees  the gap between leading “Servant of the People” and ‘European Solidarity’ shrinking to 4% .

If a parliamentary election were to be held at this time, ‘Servant of the People’ would claim the biggest share of votes (21,3%).

‘European Solidarity’ is trailing close behind with 17% support.

Support for ‘Opposition Platform –For Life” sits at 12,2% and Tymoshenko’s “Batkivshchyna” at 10,2%.

According to KIIS survey other parties are now failing to reach 5% vote threshold except for Ihor Smesho’s “Strengh and Honor” that enjoys 7.6 %. support.

If compared to February KIIS survey figures, the electorate moods  see  an uptick in support of  ‘Servant of the People’ (+5,8%). The figures for “European Solidarity’ remain steady while support is slipping away for Opposition Platform –For Life’ (-4,6%), ‘Batkivshchyna’ (-3%), and ‘Golos’ (-2,1%).