Establishment of a disciplinary panel is a ‘pressing’ issue for the party, said leader of Servant of the People party in an interview for Interfax Ukraina, admitting its party members have trouble shaking off different ‘controversies’.

Asked if the new panel will go back to recent scandals with MPs Oleskandr Trukhin,  Servant of the People leader argued ‘it is what the new disciplinary panel is to be set for’.

She sidestepped the further questions about possible disciplinary action against Trukhin who reportedly caused a car crash leaving the passenger of another vehicle seriously injured, and later tried to cover up the story offering different media outlets money for not running reports on the incident.

Asking this question, journalists should file an inquiry with State Bureau of Investigations that could definitely give the information about this MP, she added.

Servant of the People leader also admitted Oleskandr Trukhin’s decision not to step down for the time of investigation says a lot about his ‘moral barometer’.

Then came the question about another Servant of the People MP Mykola Halushko who recently came under fire after his run-in with Kyiv traffic police officers was caught on video.  The party leadership ‘has also responded’ to this controversy, said Shulyak, noting it was strange the footage reemerged only a year after the incident took place with someone routinely going to ‘their car boot’ to draw out some new story taking aim at the ruling party.