As the day before, not only Bolenkov’s support group, but also many members of right-wing radical organizations gathered outside the court, demanding  his deportation.

Police failed to intefere, which led to provocations and violence from aggresive protesters.

In the evening, members of far-right groups demanded that Bukvy’s reporter Oleksandr Kuzhelnyi leave the court,  swearing and assaulting  the journalist.

The attackers are Oleksii Svynarenko (known in the web as Stalker), the head of the right-wing radical organization ‘National Resistance’, and Mykhailo Shalankevych (the video shows his attempt to hit the reporter).

Svynarenko’s organization is subject to hooliganism criminal case. In March 2021, they attacked the participants of the March for Women’s Rights.

Now, Svynarenko is campaigning on social media against Bolenkov and organizing counter-rallies and provocations near the court.

Oleksii Svynarenko, photo from Facebook

Shalankevych (known as Gans), a Russian citizen, also regularly takes part in similar rallies.In 2018, Shalankevych was sentenced to 6 years in prison for robbery and hooliganism. He was in the gang of the late Russian neo-Nazi Maxim Martsinkevich. However, Shalankevych was released and moved to Kyiv two years ago.

Mykhailo Shalankevych, photo from VKontakte (as Mikhail Mishganov)

Mykhailo Shalankevych, photo from VKontakte (as Mikhail Mishganov)

Yevhen Karas, the leader of the right-wing radical group C14, is also one of the organizers of the counter-rallies.

Bukvy’s journalist reported the offence  to police.