The new report by Ukraine’s Committee of Voters reveals the Verkhovna rada is consistanly ignoring new laws proposed by opposition.

‘The most of the [adopted] laws, 95% of them, were penned by MPs from ‘Servant of the People’ party… 62 out of 65 new laws were penned by MPs from the parliamentary majority group – Only three of the laws passed in the last half a year were not authored by ‘Servant of the People’ party.

The watchdog group report shows MPs from “Batkivshchyna” party and ‘Dovira’ parliamentary group were involved as authors of 20 new laws while ‘Opposition Platform for Life” MPs were behind the drafts of 16 adopted legislative initiatives. ‘Golos’ and ‘Za Maybutne” MPs drew up 11 new  laws each.

The least support was given draft laws proposed by  ‘European Solidarity’ party – only 5 of those won favor of the Ukraine’s parliament.

Ukraine’s Committee of Voters’ head Oleksiy Koshel argues that MPs from the ruling party are ingoring the policies offered by the parliament’s  opposition.

‘In real life, it is a rare thing to see laws adopted if those have no ‘Servant of the People’ MPs among its authors. Some opposition politicians can really be among the authors of the adopted law, but they need to join legislative initiative of parliamentary majority group. Support is given to less prinicipal documents while key legislations proposed by opposition are ignored’, said the watchdog group head.